With so much happening in the World today who is really thinking about Sport  or for that matter the OLYMPICS?

Sport, really? Is that the thing you do sometimes to let off steam, ease the mind and hopefully lose weight and watch on TV? Or is it an actual "place" you go to enjoy these dreams of fresh air, the outdoors, mountains and maybe meet new friends and learn about far away places and cultures? 

Park City that's who, that's who's thinking Olympics every waking day. The union of Sport Mind and Body... Maybe it's and older generation that remembers HOW the Games brought us all together. United in SPIRIT and the thrill of competition. All nations sharing the same dream in one place for the whole World to witness. The passion, the pain, the glory. To be and Olympic (WORLD) Champion on the grandest stage, we have those Dreamers living amongst us every day. We are the hope in their eyes and in their dreams.

Once upon a time, in 2002, the world's attention was on Salt Lake City, Utah as it hosted the Winter Olympic Games. The games were a resounding success, with record-breaking attendance and revenues. But the real star of the show was Park City, a picturesque mountain town located just a short drive from Salt Lake City.

Park City played a crucial role in the success of the 2002 Winter Olympics, hosting several events and providing world-class facilities for athletes and visitors alike. The town's Olympic venues included the Utah Olympic Park, which hosted events such as bobsled, luge, and ski jumping. The Park City Mountain Resort also hosted alpine skiing events, while the Deer Valley Resort was home to freestyle skiing events.

Park City's beautiful mountain scenery, luxurious accommodations, and world-class sporting facilities made it an ideal location for hosting events during the Winter Olympics. The town's venues were easily accessible to visitors staying in Salt Lake City, making it a popular destination for spectators and athletes alike.

Fast forward to today, and there is talk of Park City once again hosting the Winter Olympics, this time in 2030. Here are 10 reasons HOW Park City could once again welcome the World & benefit from hosting yet another Winter Olympic Games:

  1. Increased Global Exposure: Hosting the Olympics would put Park City back on the global stage and attract eager visitors from around the world.

  2. A Boost to Local Economy: The Olympics would bring in a significant amount of revenue to the town, from tourism, sponsorships, and other economic activity. With these funds Park City may set an example of a Global "host" that cares passionately for the land and the environment.

  3. Improved Infrastructure: In preparation for the Olympics, Park City would invest in improving its infrastructure, including transportation, parking, lodging, and lifestyle sports facilities.

  4. Legacy Effect: The facilities built for the Olympics could be used for future events and recreation, such as training for athletes.

  5. Enhanced Sporting Destination: Park City would become an even more desirable destination for winter sports enthusiasts, with improved sports facilities and an enhanced reputation as a premier sporting destination.

  6. Job Creation: The Olympics would create thousands of jobs in the area, from construction workers to hospitality staff.

  7. Community Spirit: Hosting the Olympics would bring the community together and create a sense of pride and unity.

  8. Tourism Growth: The increased exposure from hosting the Olympics could help to attract more tourists to Park City year-round.

  9. Real Estate Values: The boost to the local economy could drive real estate values up and make Park City an even more desirable place to invest in real estate.

  10. Improved Quality of Life: The investment in infrastructure and other improvements could benefit the town long after the Olympics are over, improving the quality of life for residents.

In 2002, the Winter Olympics generated an estimated $2 billion in total revenue, including $600 million in direct spending from visitors. The cost of hosting the games was estimated at $1.32 billion, including $597 million in infrastructure improvements.

It's true that all that attention and money has the ability to greatly alter the look & feel of a small ski town community. With that thought it is our hope that with proper, technology, planning and foresight into a new future of sustainability we will RISE and UNITE the World once again with dignity and honor.

We can't stop change, it's already too late...The best we can do it give it wings and the ability to FLY high above the fray & above our divisions.


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